Expéditions La Curieuse - The lagoon

An atoll of 280 km2 of coral reefs, 26 hours by boat from Mauritius, Saint Brandon is made up of some thirty islets and lagoons as far as the eye can see, harboring a rich and unspoiled wild fauna and flora, where access is limited to just 200 foreigners a year. With family, friends or enthusiasts, come and discover the Saint Brandon Archipelago on board for an unforgettable fishing, kitesurfing and diving holiday on an original and atypical cruise. Cradled by the trade winds, this archipelago is the promise of an unforgettable cruise, thanks to its white sandbanks, crystal-clear waters and turquoise lagoons where multicolored fish, rays, sharks and turtles gravitate, escorted by countless seabirds. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

La Curieuse
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