Scientific section

Now based in Mauritius, La Curieuse has been criss-crossing the Indian Ocean for 30 years, notably for the French Southern and Antarctic Territories, but also for various scientific institutes and international laboratories, from the Kerguelen Archipelago to the Indian Ocean’s scattered islands, the Mascarene Islands and the Mozambique Channel. Modular and autonomous, La Curieuse adapts […]

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Expéditions La Curieuse - The lagoon

Saint Brandon

An atoll of 280 km2 of coral reefs, 26 hours by boat from Mauritius, Saint Brandon is made up of some thirty islets and lagoons as far as the eye can see, harboring a rich and unspoiled wild fauna and flora, where access is limited to just 200 foreigners a year. With family, friends or […]

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La Curieuse

Long based on Réunion Island, La Curieuse was conceived and designed to provide logistical support for scientific research programs in the Indian Ocean. Today in Mauritius, La Curieuse not only continues its support to scientific missions, but is also available to associations, clubs and individuals to offer “à la carte” navigations: Tour of Mauritius, Saint […]

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